Sunday, August 1, 2010

talent time

last week thursday FIA @ AUSMAT have talent time ..
only a group at FIA mach intake join so we go to support them ..
we wait for so long because they are last group !! but the they do it well ... ( really )

OMG ... so sexy !!

SY birthday

26 july is my collage friend sook yee birthday .. OMG i don know @ did not tell happy birthday to her ... hai .. sorry a ... because you did not put at FB so sorry lo ... but on wednesday we have a party for her at sunway !! *sry lazy type so much , but it was a happy party !!

tuesday ...

星期二我的课从8 30 - 10 30 而已。。就约了我两个干姐姐吃lunch ...
so happy and funny to see you all ( shirley @ ching )

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sem 2

this week is my 2nd week of sem 2 ... many thing happen ... last week i get my result ... bad bad bad ... i really don know how to study at sunway ... if this sem i never get more then 70 i really will die le ... i get may time table ... not same with my friend ... hai ... don have ppl can teach me acc and maths le ... lucky i find a friend who want change with me ... we say this week we want to change time table but today when i go collage my friend tell me that the time table already change . now my time table become bad hai ... i think i cannot change same class with him le because my timetable already bad but he bad then me ... so sad !! i hope he will change to my time table but too bad he say no !! hai ... suan le ba !! i can't do any thing ... now i really don know how to move my time table ... every days also have class ... i don want a !!!!!!!!!!!

2nd week holiday

the 2nd week holiday more busy ... my mother want me go work !! OMG i first time go work !! but very nice too ... i know many ppl ... but every day i have to wake up early go work early and come back very very late !! every day when finish work i have to go eat with them ... my mother don let me sit with her .... she ask me sit at others table ... so i have to talk with korea , singapura ,chinese and one more don know from where .. cina ppl don know eng , other county don know chinese !! OMG !! i have to talk with them ... english change to chinese , chinese change to english ... that night i really want die le .... lucky my work nothing happen ... one day i get RM 80 ... so 4 days i work i can get RM 320 ... haha so happy

this is some of my boss
this is 4 doctor ... they work with me , they form cina
this are from singapura and korea
em ... don know from where !! they work with me too
this is the last day when they want go back ... japanese ppl
this is the boss ... he already 70 year old le o !!
all of use


sem 1 holidays just finish .... but i too lazy ... now only write my blog !!
this holidays i feel very busy !! the 1st days holiday i go back johor .. OMG !! too many durian .. last time i like to eat durian but now i don think so !!
this DURIAN was so big !!
the next day i go see where my dog (BIBI) bury ! i feel so sad ... it was very far because my grandfather say if don put far others dog will come eat !! hai ... bibi ... are you ok ... i will miss you de ... for ever and ever ....

after that i go live at my aunty house for 3 day ... because my grandmother there !! i feel that my grandma know who am i but she cannot talk only ... i so miss my grandma too ... i hope that next year chinese new year she can go back tangkak !! hope she will get will soon ... my aunty have a udang shop ... the i go mancing udang ... this is my first time ... very funny la !! haha !!

i make new hair le .. haha !! nothing la ... just 拉直 !!
after that i go back kl with my grandma !! this is my first time sit back go back kl !! lucky my grandma go with me ... this is the ticket we buy !!

Friday, July 2, 2010

finish my 1st sem

lastly i finish my 1st sem ... today is the last day off exam ...

It is a very happy days ... the last paper are thinking skill , but at last we also don feel like want to study . The mood already make us in holidays . It is a happen thing but when after holiday i will die. I really don know what i study foundation in art is that good for me ? is that really i can study? until now i still don have the answer . i feel that i have some of the subject that i have to take the exam one more time . i really don know i can pass this sem or not . hai . If want study at sunway collage i have to get 65% but now i don even know it that i can pass !! hai . finish holiday fist ba !

here i would like to say thanks to yaw loong ... you help me many thing .. thanks to teach me acc n maths .. as last i can do the question ...

i have two week holiday .. who want go out can ask me o !! but tell me early pls !!

hai .. tomorrow i have to back johor . don know when only back . i don know i want live at my aunty house two more days or go back with my mother , but if i live two more days i have to sit bus , but my grandmother is important so i think i would like to live two more days ba !! but thinks time back tangkak i have to go see my dog bibi . i think i will cry at that time . if i never go i will very miss her but i really don feel like want to think . think i will go . hai .. i really very miss you bibi . every time when i at home i can't find you , when i come back i can't see you very happy and keep ask me to hug you . hai .. bibi .. i really miss you . i try my best don think about you , but when i at home i do every thing also will think about you !! mucks BIBI